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10 Foods Should Avoid Eating Before Sex

10 Foods Should Avoid Eating Before Sex

Are you looking for a list of foods that needs to be avoided before a sex session? Eating foods that let you feel bloated and uneasy afterward shouldn’t be eaten before going to bed.
In this post, we will tell you about the top 10 foods to avoid before sex at every cost. Let’s check out the complete list and then ditch them from your diet.

     1. Red Meat

The stomach takes lots of time to digest red meat that may hurt your feelings and mood. Many people don’t feel on top after eating red meat.

     2. Cheese

Cheese is a dairy product that can result in hurting your libido, and that’s why experts recommend to avoid it late in the evening.

     3. Bread

Slices of bread are pretty in FODMAP that can result in increasing the amount of gas in the body. It will let you feel cramps during sex that should be avoided.

     4. Inorganic Soy Products

The next food that should be avoided at about is inorganic soy products. The reasons behind that are they get messed with the hormone balance in a negative manner.

     5. Asparagus

It may look a beautiful veggie to the majority of people, but eating it before sex isn’t a good thing to do. Additionally, this food causes a bad effect on the odor of pee.

     6. Broccoli

There are many windy side effects caused by this vegetable that won’t do any favor during the sex.

     7. Commercially Baked Foods

The amount of Trans fats and sugar is pretty high in commercially baked foods. It will hurt your performance on the bed for sure.

     8. Alcohol

Many will surprise to know, but libido gets altered if you have beer in the gut. It is due to the presence of hormone tampering phytoestrogens in this drink.

     9. Alliums

These pungent veggies can make you create bad smell from the mouth that might be bad for the mood.

     10. Licorice

The testosterone production of the individual may get hurt due to the presence of glycyrrhizin acid in the licorice. Avoiding this food will be a beneficial thing to do.


These are the foods that should be avoided at every cost before a sex session. Many underestimate the power of this perspective, but it needs to be taken seriously. Make your diet as better as possible if you want to perform wonderfully on the bed.


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